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Where do I start?

Kelly and I (Kara) have known each other for the last 18 years. Both of us grew up loving the outdoors. A few years ago, we bonded over moving to Seattle, WA together. In the summer of 2016, we got married in the mountains. We started our life together exploring the outdoors. Life’s been one BIG adventure.

Our son, Ollie, was born in late September 2015. Kelly and I talked about always wanting an outdoorsy family. Ollie was about a month old when we started hiking with him. The trips were short but we still managed to get out in the fresh air with him. We slowly introduced him to the wild by taking short trips that expanded into longer trips. Now he can hike for three hours and still be pumped to push on. He sure is a trooper!

Early September 2016, Kelly and I sold everything we owned and decided to move to Seattle! I had been laid off and Kelly was looking to find a new job. Talk about perfect timing. We packed up our 1,200 sq ft home into a small U-Haul and left New Mexico for the PNW! Driving four days through the mountains, into the hot California desert, back up to the lush mountains, we finally made it Seattle!

Here we are, two PNW mommies, raising our son to love and explore the outdoors. Please join and grow with us as we explore the Pacific Northwest and more! We understand not everyone will agree with everything we are doing. That’s okay. We love feedback and new ideas but we would especially love positive feedback!

Happy Trails,

Two PNW Mommies

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