Our Big Move To The PNW

“Always go with the choices that scare you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow.”

It all started with a phone call that changed our lives. I’ll never forget it. My boss called me early on a Friday morning. I knew something was wrong by his unusual somber tone. He went on for about ten minutes about budget cuts and how the company wasn’t doing well, something he called about every week. Then, it happened, he laid me off for the second time! This time around, I was so relieved to have been let go. An enormous amount of pressure had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt free.

With Freedom Came A New Adventure

A few months before I had been laid off, Kelly and I had been looking at places in the west to possibly move. We found a few places in Oregon and Washington but never really settled on a place. It never felt like it was really going happen, just a dream.

Kelly and I decided to raid our house and get rid of things we didn’t use anymore and get rid of the negative things. The perfect distraction to all that was going on. We had joked about just packing up and moving away but the more we joked, the more the ideas started to sound like a good idea. New Mexico had never been our dream spot and a new adventure couldn’t have come at a better time. 

I remember sitting in our living room, stuff everywhere and Kelly and I just looking around at all of our stuff. We just wanted to get rid of everything and start over. We both looked at each other said, “Let’s just move, seriously.”

We Jumped On The Idea

At the time, it seemed so crazy and terrifying. Both of us went back and forth a hundred times, “Are you sure? Should we really do this?” We spent hours looking up prices of moving, apartments, living cost and even jobs.

In just an hour, we were making our move to Seattle happen. Kelly and I have always loved it there and it had been both of our dream spot for years. When we reconnected a year earlier, moving to Seattle was what really brought us together.

Our decision came down to all of the opportunities our family would have. The job market is great in Washington, pay is decent, the schools are amazing and the outdoor experience is perfect for our lifestyle. This is what were we wanted to be.

We Were Making It Happen

It took us two weeks to sell just about everything we owned and to arrange our massive move across the country. Selling everything was the fun part. We sold items on Craigslist, OfferUp and Let Go and hosted a huge garage sale. We made over $7,000 on all of our stuff. Sounds like a decent amount but we did pick Seattle, sooo…

The hardest part rolled around when we had to say our goodbyes to our friends and family. Everything we had ever known, we were leaving it behind to start a whole new life. It was a bittersweet moment for all of us to say goodbye. We made sure to visit everyone, spending as much time as we could before we had to take off.

Seattle, Here We Come!


PNW move

The day finally came for us to start our 1,895-mile journey across the country. This was it, we were really doing it. The U-Haul was packed, the dogs were loaded into the car and Ollie was set. It didn’t feel real. We pulled out of Albuquerque on September 7th around 10 am and headed straight for Arizona. Kelly drove the U-Haul with her car hooked up behind it and I drove my car with the dogs and Ollie.

Trip to the PNW
Kelly and I were so excited we took the longest way on Earth to get to Seattle. We drove through Arizona to California in one day. We stayed the first night in a town called Needles, California. One word: sketchy. The only hotel open had one room left, we were exhausted and ready for bed so we took it. The room wasn’t too bad at first. It wasn’t until I lifted up the covers to a blood stained sheet that I freaked out. We were trapped, the nearest town was 144 miles west.

As you can imagine, the first night didn’t go so well.

The next morning we managed to roll out of bed super early and make our way up to San Francisco. Absolutely amazing. We drove over the golden gate bridge and got to see all the city lights and experience decent civilization again. The second day of driving was finally over.


Getting to Oregon the next day was a stretch. We were all extremely exhausted and tired of driving. Kelly and I wanted to make it to Seattle on the third day but by the time we reached Portland, we had had enough for the day.


1,895 Miles Down

September 11, 2016, we arrived in Washington. Bless the heavens above, it had been the longest trip of our life. I can remember the smell of the ocean blasting through my car air conditioning and the millions of pine trees everywhere! I had missed trees so much! I was in pure bliss.


Don’t worry, he didn’t drive very far. 😉


We arrived at our new apartment around 5 pm that evening. It was not at all what we had expected. The 900 sq ft apartment actually turned out to be 750 sq ft. There was black mold everywhere and the carpets were soaking wet but we were so happy to have FINALLY made it. Once they handed us over our keys we were officially home.

IMG_6811 (1)

Life In The PNW

Life has been crazy since we’ve arrived. We’ve had some of the hardest financial times, crazy job changes, sicknesses, and just absolutely absurd life problem but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s the happiest I’ve been in years and we’ve met some of the most amazing people.

I’ve been able to devote a lot of time outdoors and really being able to appreciate nature. We’ve driven over 3,000 miles going on all of our adventures and have so much more planned. Ollie started school and has really grown as a small human being. We will be celebrating his second birthday in just a week!


Taking a chance at something that really scared us changed our lives for the better. I was so scared to fail moving out here and to face a whole new world. I’m happy we made the jump, I can’t think of a more amazing place than here. The bigger the jump, the bigger the adventure.

Here’s to a lifetime in the PNW!

Happy Trails,

Two PNW Mommies


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