Eating Healthy Outdoors – Feeling Organic

Feeling Heavy on The Trails

Two PNW Mommies get healthy!

The worst feeling in the world is feeling heavy and tired on the trails. I use to think, “It doesn’t matter what I eat, I’m going to burn it off anyways!” Well, now that I’m 29 and heavier than normal, it does matter. Kelly and I decided to go all natural/organic since we’ve moved out to Seattle. I had been having issues with eating almost all foods and it was ultimately a better choice for our family.

At first, we couldn’t believe how much we were spending but then realized, we were actually spending the same. We bought less but most of what we were buying was absolute junk. We were feeling better, making it easier for us to eat less!

I’ll jump right in!


Snacks, it’s one of the most important things to bring on a hike. I mean come on, who doesn’t like a snack while standing on top of a mountain?! For real though, if you have kids, do NOT forget the snacks. You will suffer.

On road trips, we like to pack easy and quick snacks. Here are a few things we pack along with us. (13)

We always start off with breakfast. We eat a bowl of oatmeal and honey. Great for energy and keeps our bellies full until we get where we are going. Setting the oatmeals aside with the fruits and sugar is best. This will make you feel heavy and give you a sugar crash before you even hit the trail! I love the Better Oats brand. They have several different kinds of oatmeals, some with flax seeds, and they are all organic.

We also pack bread, mostly organic grain bread and peanut butter. Natural peanut butter makes me sick so we just use regular Jiffy. Hey, I’m only human.

Kind Healthy Grains are amazing! They are lightly sweetened and make for a great quick snack on the go. Seriously. I even take a bag with me to work and it fills me up with just a few hand fulls. I also never feel heavy or sleepy after eating them. They are Gluten free, Non-GMO and SUPER TASTY! (16)

These three quick grabs are amazing and easy on the stomach. Great amounts of Fiber too! (Don’t lie, you know you like fiber in your diet). I will pack a few of each and put them in the hiking pack. Kind bars are great for Kelly and I. We both eat one of these before hitting the trail. Gives lots of energy and a cure for the sweet tooth. Ollie prefers the Fig Bars and loves all the flavors.

Nature’s Path Organic Pop-Tarts are awesome for camping! The crust tastes like graham cracker and the filling actually tastes like fruit. They are probably one of the expensive things we will splurge on. Here in Seattle, they are about $6 a small box but totally worth it. I have to hide them from Ollie or he will eat the whole box! (14)

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt is Ollie kryptonite. This kid can kill two of these in one sitting. (He will hit me up first and then Kelly for the second one. He’s a smooth one.) They are honestly the best snack we could ask for. They are non-GMO, have tons of vitamins and live cultures in them. The best part, REAL FRUIT! We will stick one of these in the pack and give Ollie one on the trail. They are also recyclable!

I usually stay away from the dried fruits but I love Simple Truth dried cranberries. They are super easy to keep fresh in the hiking pack or lunch bag. Plus, great for the urinary tract system!

Another perfect snack, Apple Slices! I cut them up before we leave and they usually stay fresh, depending on how long we leave them. Haha. I will also use lemon juice and put some over the slices to keep them from bruising so fast. (17)

Annie’s. Ollie’s favorite snacks. They are way healthier than goldfish or even graham crackers. I’ve been guilty of eating some of them, as well. Ollie has been less likely to get sugar rushes from these snacks versus the non-organic brands. He also seems to feel better and has more energy (like he needs more!).

For Camping, Annie’s Organic Macaroni is amazing! It packs well and lasts a long time after being cooked. You only have to add a splash of milk and BINGO, done. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or carcinogens Kraft has in their Macaroni. Ollie doesn’t complain about his tummy hurting and doesn’t have any crashes after eating Annie’s Macaroni.

Also, Don’t forget your water bottle! We have several Nalgene’s that we fill up and take along with us. Dehydration on the trails is no joke and happens so fast. So many times I will pass hikers asking for water. Even on cool days, you need to bring at least a gallon of water. 😀

We aren’t always on top of our game (I can be forgetful) and sometimes will add some chips or gummies to our food packing. It happens. We do really try hard to stay organic. It has made a huge difference in the way we have all felt, especially when heading outdoors. We also use BPA free and reusable bags to pack all of our food. Cuts down on waste and keeps us from harmful chemicals!

We would love to hear from you on what you bring on the trails to eat! We are always open to new ideas and yummy foods! Please feel free to like comment and share!


Happy Trails!

Two PNW Mommies


“Here’s to better habits, positive thinking, clean eating and most of all, loving yourself.” – Unknown

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