Our First Blog Post


I’ll start by introducing ourselves. I’m Kara, born and raised in Texas. Somewhere my heart never belonged. I knew I wanted to end up in Seattle most of my life. (Who doesn’t love rainy weather? 😉 ) I have also spent most of my life outdoors; camping, hiking, rock climbing, cliff diving, and swimming. My dad always took me on adventures into the wild. Easily some of my best memories I have growing up.

My wife Kelly, wasn’t born in Texas but was raised there. We went to middle school together and both joined the ‘Earth Club’.  She, too, felt the call of the PNW. When we first starting talking, we connected over wanting to move to Seattle together. We decided to make our dreams a reality!

Life really brought us together over our Son, Ollie. He’s a wild child and always follows the beat of his own drum. He’s been hiking outside with us since he was a month old. Talk about starting them out young. Ollie has been to more places than I have in my 29 years. He’s 20 months and has already explored: Mountains, Oceans, Volcanoes, Deserts, and Rainforests! The list doesn’t stop there. This child was born to be outside.

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Ollie knows when it’s time to hike. He grabs his boots, sippy cup, snack and his trusty sidekick beanie boo, and he’s ready for the day. We let him choose between walking or being carried in the hiking pack. Ollie being Ollie, will go on as long as his little feet can carry him before he’s ready to hit the pack. This is where we have learned to choose our battles. Since Ollie has been hiking for so long, he will fight us tooth and nail to get into the pack. When he’s ready to sit and enjoy the ride, he will always let us know.

Through temper tantrums, scraped knees, hiding various nature items in diapers, runny noses, dirty hands, and sand in every possible crevice, we’ve experienced it all! Kelly and I aren’t perfect and we’ve had to learn a lot along the way. It’s worth witnessing the moment when our child sees something amazing and all he can do it sit, watch and be amazed. All of the troubles seem to be insignificant just seeing him smile and knowing he’s taking in the world.


Why I started this blog:

I decided to start a blog after a friend of mine became, unexpectedly, pregnant and was extremely upset, talking about how her outdoor life is over. I immediately jumped in and told her all of the places we’ve taken Ollie and the adventures we’ve had. After I left, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. I made it seem way easier than it really has been! I even started to wonder how on Earth Kelly and I have done all the things we’ve done with a baby (now toddler). So here I am, starting a blog on how to our adventures with a baby in the wild.

Disclaimer (Well, because, you know…)

Kelly and I want to show him to the world and along the way share our adventures. Not everyone may agree with everything we do, and that’s okay. We always have everyone’s safety in mind and never let Ollie do anything dangerous. He’s a wild child but we encourage him learning and viewing the world as he wants.

We hope you join us, grow with us and enjoy our blog. We would love to hear your adventures and even tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way. Feel free to reach out to us (we will only respond to positive feedback, we love good vibes.) and get outside!

Happy Trails,

Two PNW Mommies

My Wild Child, Alway Explore and Grow.



“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” –  John Muir

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